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The E-Z fire tape is a one of a kind patented product that is used for gypsum drywall board. It is self adhesive and has easy application capabilities for both "do it yourself" and professional users. This tape helps to cut down time and labor and provides cleaner applications.


Features and Benefits


·       Labor saving properties which can increase profit

·       250 feet per roll

·       Increasing in deadlines being met with less labor for installation

·       1 to 2 hour rated firewall construction

·       E-Z knife plastic applicator comes free with your tape order

·       Fast self adhesive properties and permanent adhesion

·       Mudless application which requires no additional preparations and cleanups

·       Can work with steel and wooden beam constructions

·       Tested and rated for both horizontally or vertically hung wall systems.

·       60% installation time is saved over the normal taping methods

·       Listed by Warnock-Hersey and ICC Evaluation Services

·       Rated by Intertek Testing Service for use in Canada for Fire Wall construction


How would I use this product?


·       Clean areas well before use to remove any dust, dirt and debris particles

·       Take tape from packaging and place the end of the tape on the edge of the area where it will be applied

·       Take E-Z applicator and press on tape while covering area needed. Move along the tape with the applicator until adhesion is complete.

·       Cut neatly with scissors if not all the tape is required



Where would I use it?


·       Gypsum drywall board

Specifications and Technical Notes


·       One hour wall rating

·       Two hour wall rating

·       Intertek judgment record

·       Intertek testing - Canadian recommendations

·       NYC recommendations



Safety Elements


·       Tape should not be used for the covering of large holes and wide joint areas, or be a cover substitute for gypsum board that is fire rated

·       Do not overlap tape onto itself as it will not adhere

·       Air temperature should be at or above 30 degrees Fahrenheit for proper installation



Standards Endorsing this Product

·       E-Z Fire tape installation instructions - English

·       E-Z Fire tape installation instructions - Spanish

·       E-Z Fire tape installation instructions - French

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