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Albi Clad FP fireproofing is a thin-filmed, water-based intumescent coating that is designed to be used on wallboard, wood, plaster, and non-ferrous substrates. Albi Clad FP offers high fire protection with the combination of a decorative and attractive interior finish that leaves a professional appearance in many commercial locations. Used in condos, restorations, lofts, apartments, and where architectural designs require combined fire protection and an aesthetically pleasing design, this product can help to contain fire from spreading up to a certain amount of time. It can also be used to help correct any fire ratings due to wallboards that are improperly installed.

Features and Benefits
  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • Features up to a 1.5 hr protection
  • Attractive architectural finish
  • Abrasion-resistant durable surface
  • Thin-film applies like paint
  • Water-based intumescent coating
  • Easy to apply
  • Used on most construction materials including plaster, wood, wallboard, and non-ferrous substrates
  • Coverage Guide. Albi Clad TF exhibits coverage rates per gallon, which can be easily calculated utilizing a standard paint coverage equation. The formula is as follows: 1604 X 0.70 (% volume solids) = square ft. per gallon (at 100% transfer efficiency) dry film thickness
  How Would I Use This Product?
  • Clean the area free from dirt, dust, debris, and other foreign objects.
  • Make sure area is prepared and dry before applying Albi Clad FP.
  • To apply to the area properly please see instructions or the products packaging.
    Where Would I Use It?
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Condos and Apartments
  • Historic Renovation
  • New Construction
  • Fire Separation for Walls and Ceilings
  • Defective Drywall Construction
  • Lofts
    Physical Properties
    Dry Applied Density 85 PCF
    Hardness 45-50
    Compressive Strength 300 psi
    Cohesive/Adhesion Strength 190 psi (cohesive failure)
    Abrasion Resistance 0 grams loss
    Impact 0.77-ft lbs./inch of notch
    Weight per Gallon 11.90 + 0.20 lbs./gals
    % Solids by weight 70% + 2.0%
    Flame Spread 2 - Class A
    Smoke Developed 5 - Class A
    Construction Fire Test Report # Film Thickness Fire Resistance Rating
    Rough Cut 2x10 Floor Joist Assembly WFCi Report # 04042 (A) 40 mils 1 Hour (ASTM E-119)
    Rough Cut 2x10 Floor Joist Assembly finished with tin ceiling panels WFCi Report # 04042 (B) 40 mils 1 Hour (ASTM E-119)

    Product SKU AL-CLAD-FP
    Manufacturer Albi
    VOC Content: 15.6 g/L
    Hazardous Polymerization Will Not Occur
    Hazardous Decomposition Combustion may produce carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide
    Conditions To Avoid N/A
    Incompatibility Strong oxidizing agents
    OSHA Regulated? No
    IARC Monographs? No
    NTP No
    Stability Stable
    Weight per Gallon 11.2-11.8lb/gal
    Percent volatility 25.0-27.0%
    Solids 73.0% - 75.0%
    pH 7.5-8.5
    Boling Range 212°F

    Safety Elements
    • May cause headaches if inhaled. Remove to a well ventilated area and if symptoms exists see your medical practitioner
    • If skin irritation occurs wash area thoroughly with soapy water
    • If eye contact occurs wash thoroughly for 5 minutes and contact medical physician if symptoms occur
    • Do not ingest. If ingested dilute with water and contact your medical physician or poisons control centre immediately
    • My cause vomiting, gastrointestinal irritation and nausea
    • Wear protective clothing and gloves when using
      Standards Endorsing This Product
    • NFPA 704

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