Kidde AC Wire-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Back Up

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Alerts you when CO levels in the environment reach an unacceptable level within your home. Carbon Monoxide can go undetected especially since gas or fuel burning appliances as well as the fumes originating in your garage could all be responsible for the odorless toxic fumes.

Features and Benefits

·       Interconnects with up to 24 other Kidde devices - making it easy to incorporate this into a complete home safety system

·       No battery installation. Battery activated with pull tab. This extends the longevity of your battery and makes for ease of installation.

·       Sealed cover - prevents dust and grime from entering the device and thereby setting off false alarms.

·       7 year replacement alert feature - this product will even let you know when your unit needs to be replaced, usually after 7 years. Eliminating the need to place a reminder.

How would I install this product?

 Adjustable mounting bracket and snap on harness make it easy to install.

Where would I use it?

Ideal for home use as it can interconnect with 24 other Kidde home safety devices giving you the ability to create a complete home safety system to protect your family.

Specifications and Technical Notes


Power Source

120V AC, 9V Battery Backup



Audio Alarm

85dB at 10ft

Temperature Range

40° F to 100° F

Humidity Range

5% - 95% relative humidity


5.75" Diameter x 1.8" Depth


1 lb


Up to 24 Kidde Devices


Green, Normal
Red, Alarm
Amber, Initiation Alarm

Digital Display


Standards Endorsing this Product



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