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Nelson PLW™ Firestop Pillows are suitable for permanent firestopping where cabling pathways or cabling changes are frequent. These can be installed with as few or as many pillows needed and requires no putty or caulk to help hold then in position.

Features and Benefits

•    Expands when exposed to high temperatures of heat: Intumescence
•    Seals into place when expanded to provide protection and prevent in the spread of smoke and flames
•    Consists of a 3 hour rating
•    Complies with ASTM E119 and UL263
•    Easy installation
•    User friendly
•    Toxic fumes or hazardous materials are not emitted when exposed to heat
•    Can be reused which is beneficial for many jobs that are temporary
•    Consists of a shelf life that is unlimited
•    Can be easily penetrated which means cables and wires can be integrated and inserted without having to remove the PLW™
•    Cable lubricant can be used when installing in tight spaces

How would I install this product?

•    Choose the right sized firestop product suitable for the job required of it.
•    Calculate the length by the width of the hole or opening that will be filled. Subtract that amount of space a penetrant may be taking up, then divide that by the size of the pillow to get a rough estimate of how many will be needed for the project.
•    Starting at the bottom corners tightly pack the pillows vertically against the frame of the opening with the face of the pillows touching the frame.
•    Once the frame has been covered, pack more pillows tightly in a horizontal manner until area is securely covered and packed
•    Inspect the pillows for holes or gaps in between each one. If holes or gaps greater than 1” are evident use FSP™ putty to fill in the gaps in the corners. Putty depth should be a 1” min.

Where would I use it?
•    Through wall applications
•    Wire ways
•    Aluminum and Steel Cable trays
•    Temporary closures

Specifications and Technical Notes




Safety Orange

Filler (Asbestos)




Ingredients (Hazardous)


Temperature (Activation)

Initial > 275°F  or 135°C

k - Value

0.25 BTU in./hr. sq. ft. °F

Thickness (Polyethylene)

4 mils

Compliance Testing

UL263 and ASTM E119, Fire Tests of Building Materials and Construction

UL1479 and ASTM E814, Test method for through stop fire penetrations.


(UL) Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Void,  Fill or Cavity Material (XHHW) and (XHHW7), Factory Mutual

Data Testing

Refer to UL Fire Resistance Directory

Handling and Storage

Nelson PLW™ should be placed in a dry, covered location with a temperature no greater than 120ºF
(49ºC). Unlimited shelf life


Nelson PLW™ shouldn’t have exposure to chemicals harmful to polyethylene. Service temperature should not exceed 275ºF or 135ºC.


Safety Elements


·       Place in a dry area when storing

·       Do not place in a wet area

·       Irritation may occur if particles are inhaled. In inhalation of particles results, move to well ventilated area and wait for irritation to subside. If irritation continues seek medical advice

Standards Endorsing this Product
•    ASTM E119
•    UL263
•    ASTM E814
•    UL1479


Name of product: Nelson PLW™ Firestop Pillow
Dimensions: 2" x 4" x 9"
Weight: 0.5 lbs
Color: Orange


Name of product: Nelson PLW™ Firestop Pillow
Dimensions: 3" x 6" x 9"
Weight: 1lbs
Color: Orange

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