ABESCO FP200 Fire Rated Expanding Foam

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The Abesco FP200 Fire Rated Expanding Foam helps to prevent fire from spreading to one room to another through openings and gaps in a wall. It also provides protection against smoke and is able to be used on almost any material walls.

Features and Benefits  
  • Turns a pink color when dry.
  • Is versatile for many uses.
  • CFC free
  • Is a great adhesion that can be used within many buildings.
  • One cubic foot can be covered with one tube
  • When dry it becomes a strong and durable seal
  • It comes with a limited warranty
  • Can be used in conjunction with materials such as steel, aluminum, wood, bricks, concrete and metal.
  • Can be used in humid and moist areas and temperatures.
      How would I use this product?  
  • Clean area from any dirt or substances that may be present.
  • Shake can well before use, at least 15 to 20 times.
  • Add adapter securely, but not too tight to turn can on.
  • Turn can upside down when in use so adaptor is pointing downwards.
  • Start to spray the bottom of the hole first. Try not to over spray to allow for expansion on the foam.
  • Moisture is also needed to help set the foam. Using a spray bottle is advisable.
  • Foam can be cut and smoothed out after 12 hours of drying.
      Where would I use it?  
  • In most buildings and homes that have a risk of a fire within a room.
  • Within buildings that have walls made from aluminum, steel, wood, concrete, brick and metal.
  • Where gaps are present between rooms.
 Disclaimer: Due to its combustible nature, Fire Foam cannot be shipped via air from the Continental US.

Specifications and Technical Notes


Physical Properties


Temperature (Application)            68 - 77 F (can) or min. +41 F (surfaces)

Track free time                            Depending on the humidity and temp 5 to 10 min

Cut time                                      Depending on Humidity and temp 15 to 20 min

Hardening time                            Depending on Humidity and temp 5 to 12 hours

Absorption (water)                       2% volume max

Temperature                               - 40 to + 210 F

Strength (tensile)                         0,071 to 0,076 MPa

Elongation at break                     15 to 20%

Flammability Class                      B1 according to DIN 4102, part 1

Storage                                      Nine months at +50 F to +68 F, the can should be placed vertical. Higher temps can cause less life expectancy of the can



Safety Elements


·       Do not heat container due to risk of explosion and fire.

·       Keep container out of heated areas.

·       Do not inhale; inhalation of this product may cause respiratory arrest. Seek medical advice.

·       If in contact with skin wash immediately and remove clothing that may be affected. If irritation still occurs seek medical advice.

·       If in contact with eyes wash underwater for 10 minutes with eye lids open.

·       If swallowed seek medical advice immediately.




Standards Endorsing this Product

·       ASTM E-814

·       UL 1479

·       BS EN 1366-3

·       BS476 part 20

·       AS1530.4

Here is a video of the Abesco Fire Rated Expanding Foam being demonstrated by Leanne Naidoo for FireProtectionSupplies.com

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